Note: PSPACS has been open sourced, along with DICOMSharp, at GitHub.

PACSsoft PACS is a free web-based radiology image storage and viewing tool developed from the ground up by PACSsoft members.


After over 14 years of surprisingly extensive adoption of MyFreePACS, based on fairly antiquated ActiveX-based technology and a testbed open source DICOM server, it was time for an upgrade. PACSsoft's proven DICOMSharp toolkit forms the foundation for a DICOMServer-based lighter-weight server combined with a from-scratch HTML5 web viewing platform, developed fully in-house based on modern technologies like React. Instead of being tied to Internet Explorer, the new system works well in any browser, whether desktop or mobile, with optimized interfaces for different screen sizes.

PACSsoft PACS is currently made available for an early Alpha release for ambitious users to help us shape the new experience. It is nearly at feature parity with the original MyFreePACS release, with more features on the way.

  • Fully DICOM-compliant Server (based on PACSsoft's DICOMServer)
  • Easy setup process to turn any Windows PC into a PACSsoft PACS server
  • Web-based administration of the viewer and DICOM server components
  • Web-based client requires no software installation or administrative rights, it works on nearly any machine, Windows, OSX, or Linux:
    • Find cases by Name, ID, Date, or Modality
    • Download entire patients' data sets and quickly compare with priors
    • Toolset:
      • Series scrolling
      • Windowing/Levelling
      • Panning
      • Zooming
      • 3D Localization
      • Multi-planar Reformation
    • Image flipping, rotating, and inverting
    • From 1x1 to 5x4 window array with linked scrolling
    • Localizer boxes
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