This documentation covers the MyFreePACS Client Search Tool.

The Search Window is an important component of the MyFreePACS Image Viewer. It is how the user will find and retrieve cases to view. A standard search result will look something like this:
Searches can be made/refined using a number of options:
  • Patient Name: This will find matches in the Patient Name field. It will only search from the beginning of the name. i.e. a search for "Joe" will get "Joe, Henry" but not "Mary Joe Bob". If, however, you place an asterisk (*) at the start of your search (i.e. search for "*Joe",) then it will search the entire name and return "Mary Joe Bob".
  • Patient ID: This will find matches in the Patient ID field. Like the name search, it will only search the beginning. Searching for "012" will return "012436" but not "000012".
  • Start/End Date: Only return studies performed between these dates.
  • Modalities: Only return studies done in these modalities (default is all modalities.)
  • Enable Patient/Study/Series Deletion: If you are an administrator, enable this option before searching. The search results will then have a "Delete" option next to the "Retrieve" option.

Clicking "Today" and "Yesterday" will fill in today or yesterday's date into the start and end fields and start the search (there's no need to press search after hitting the button.) "Clear" will clear all the fields. "None" and "All" will either uncheck or check all of the Modality options.

The "Close" button will hide the search window and bring the main image viewer window to the front. This is the same effect as middle-clicking anywhere in the search window (if your mouse has a middle button, or pressing down on the scroll wheel has the same effect.)

The "Queue" button has the same effect as the queue button in the main image viewer. It will bring up the download queue so you can monitor the status of your image downloads. The queue will also show the current download speed of the image series.

The "Logoff" button will close the search window and log you off in the main image viewer window, returning you to the front MyFreePACS screen.

After you have started a search, it will begin listing your results in the right panel of the search window. At the top of the window are two things. It will tell you how many total patients are returned in the search, and it has a checkbox for "Use Lossless Image Compression". By default, this checkbox is disabled. If you are on a connection to the server that is less than 100 Megabit LAN (10 Megabit LAN, or any kind of standard broadband internet connection) then you will likely get better image downloading performance by enabling this option. Check the box before retrieving any cases if you want to use the compression.

Note: The search will only return results that contain a study or series that matches the search specifications, but it will then return all prior studies for that patient in addition. This is by design.

The results will show up as a list of patients. You can either retrieve the entire patient by clicking the "Retrieve" link on the right side of the row, or you can expand the tree by clicking either the + icon or by clicking the patient name. Inside the tree are green rows (studies). If you then expand a study, it will open grey rows (series.) You are able to download either the full patient, a full study, or just individual series. When you hit retrieve on something, it will add it to the end of the download queue, and it will get downloaded in the order of the queue. If you need to, you can open up the download queue (the "Queue" button to the left) and cancel individual downloads or the entire queue.

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